Tenille is a warm, wonderful spirit and she carries that energy into her healing work.  My first Reiki session & Akashic reading with Tenille was a very positive experience.  I felt relaxed and in good hands, even though I was in California and she in Illinois.  I prefer in-person healing sessions in general, but appreciate very much the technology that allows us to dissolve time and space for an hour or two.  Tenille is a Divine Channel and very tapped into the Flow.  If you are open to receiving it, she will share helpful and useful insights during your session that can offer you confirmation or revelation.  Tenille is clearly in her calling and on purpose.  Go get your blessing!

LM, Oakland, CA

"Shima" comes from the Native American Hopi word meaning "Love". 

Divine Love is our soul's origin story and the motivation behind every longing, every word, and every deed.  With Love as the center of my practice, I act as a channel to communicate guidance and healing from Divine Light/Spirit/God/The Universe (or whatever term you use for your highest energy) to you.

If you're the kind of person who likes to have total control on most days ending in y, or if you like having as much information as possible before making a decision or addressing a situation, get your enlightenment on with a Soul Reading reading.  Maybe you're aching, fearful or just looking to maintain your gorgeous glow -- let The Universe kiss-it- better with a Reiki healing.

Thank you for being here. I can't wait to dive deep with you!

Love, Light, & Gratitude