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Listening to Oceans (Where Feet May Fail by Hillsong) and standing in the Pacific Ocean make me cry #watersignproblems.  I want to do more yoga and end hunger for at least one other person in this world.  I want to learn how to grow my own fruits and veggies.

Disrespect is my biggest pet peeve and violence of any kind, even in cartoons, breaks my heart.

Marrying my wife was one of the best decisions I have ever made in this life.  Her Light sparks my Light to glow just a little brighter.  Our perfect evening is curled up on the couch two cats nestled between us as we slurp Ciao Bella mango sorbet + organic red wine floats drawing up plans to get even more free.   When there’s nothing left to say we watch #BlackLove or Naked and Afraid.

According to Meyers Briggs I am both ENFP and INFP (extrovert and introvert tied).  My top two love languages are Quality Time and Acts of Service, but I love gifts too!  Strengths Finder says my top five strengths are Positivity, Empathy, Individualization, Harmony, and Responsibility.

Friends and clients come to me when they’re tired of attacking themselves with panic. When they need a new perspective or a healing touch.

You always tell it to me straight.  I know I can trust you to be honest with me.  You say the tough things with such love.  There's love in those hands. I always feel better after talking to you.  You help ground me.  I need your positivity. Can you come live with us forever?  

Magical. Safe. Caring. Loving. Cozy. Sanctuary. Home. Insight. Healing Hands.  This is the soul of my work in 77 characters.

I want to keep reading the ether and healing our planet and moving through fear to show up authentically for this beautiful day. Throughout this magical life.

The Goddess is my Light and my Salvation; Of whom shall I fear? Divine Love is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? - Psalm 27:1 

Those are damn good questions.  Whom shall I fear?

This is who I am.

Freedom and love

are my driving forces – they are the why and how of every move I make and every word I say.  I believe in infinite abundance (Because even when cash is low I can always do a –bun-dance! Work it!)

I trust that our bodies can heal themselves.  A hot shower, a nap, and a cup of coffee – in that order—have healed me more than a few times.  I believe that healing is the absence of suffering and at our core we mostly want more love and less suffering.  I believe we have access granted to all the Intel we need to live lush lives of joy, gratitude, love, acceptance, and blessing.  Those five states happen to be my core desired feelings.