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My first reading with Tenille was a tarot card reading (Angel + Goddess Reading) focused on my career and health. The messages were very impactful, and brought me a lot of reassurance! The cards she pulled spoke directly to indecision and lack of clarity in my career and an imbalance in my health. They identified clear ways I could prioritize my physical and spiritual health and make empowered choices about my job. I highly recommend her tarot readings! 

My second reading over the phone was an impromptu intuitive psychic reading (Soul Reading). With little information about my current dating situation, she began to receive messages from my Spirit Guides and ancestors with specific details about my relationship and character traits of the person I was dating; details that she would not have known otherwise. My Spirit Guides gave me specific instructions about how I should handle ending the relationship without fear, and with respect for myself. Tenille continue to get messages from my guides after the reading, which also confirmed that Spirit was aware I had been oscillating on how to end the relationship. They reinforced that I should proceed confidently and I would be protected. I followed through and I'm so grateful for Spirit intervening and for Tenille's healing gifts. 

Much gratitude and light - Jennifer

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