Getaway Car: Escaping Abusive Relationships

Two dark figures made violent, jerking movements further and further into the darkness of an abandoned parking lot.  From the backseat of my aunt's car, my ears tuned in to a woman's panicked shrieking.  

It was November 2015. I had just finished our annual post-Thanksgiving dinner shopping trip with my aunt, pregnant cousin, and wife.  We were driving out of the parking lot when I noticed a man, his face twisted into a horrific expression dragging a woman away from the well-lit, big box store towards the dark, desolate part of a strip mall.  He was choking her, spitting harsh words at her as they stumbled along. 

"Can we go over there...see if she needs help?", I asked.  My aunt hit the gas and stopped right alongside them.  The car's headlights illuminating both the man and the woman.  I rolled the window down, "Do you need help? Do you want to come with us?"

She paused.  The man gripping her roughly took advantage of her hesitation, "Do you want to go with them?!!", he growled, jerking his face towards us.  She shook her head "no" like a frightened child. 

She stayed.

Ladies. Men. Humans. Listen here.

No one hits you, nor forces sex on you, nor calls you mean names "because they love you".  Get clear about your needs and how you want to feel.  (I can hear someone's ego piping up - questioning if you're even worthy of considering your own needs. Ego can shut up and sit down. Your worthiness is not a question here. It is fact.)

You are worthy of having your needs met.

Know that The Universe will work with Spirit to give you exactly what you believe in your heart is possible so crystallize that beautiful vision. See it. Feel it. Breathe it. Plot out the baby steps. Do it.

You are so not alone.  Your posse of Ancestors, Guides, Angels, and Teachers are with you all the time.  You roll deep!  Call on them. Tell them what you need.  Listen for that voice that's sometimes quiet as a whisper and other times as loud as a car full of women asking if you need us to help you escape.

It is your birth right (a right that you own because your soul chose to return to this earthly plane in flesh and bone) to love and be loved.

If you are not receiving Love that lights you up (NOTE: Because Love is of Light, it has no choice but to illuminate both the giver and receiver) GET TOGETHER A PLAN TO MOVE UP AND MOVE ON.

Next time The Universe sends a getaway car, hop in.

I pray for you, my sister.

Infinite X's and O's,