Hidden Truths, Lost Friends, Real Ghosts & Choosing Freedom: My First Pod-versation Just. Went. Live!

The interview that follows is one of the most interesting connections I've had with a stranger with Chicago's very own Tim Smith on his podcast Mouth to Mouth Pod.

Tim and I met about 20 minutes before sitting down at the mics. What I mean by "met" is I retreated into my crab shell, sipped water in his apartment, and silently flipped through books on his bookshelf as his girlfriend's crew got ready to go out for a birthday dinner and drinks. 

Once we were one-on-one, I felt safe to chat, and we talked like we were old friends. In 85 minutes we discuss:

~Soul Readings & Reiki Healing

~Seasonal Affective Disorder and Sexuality

~ Marriage and Music

~ Sadza Muriwo Nyama (Zimbabwean dish), and much, much more!

In the intro Tim talks about Easter weekend, gluttony, his birthday and Domino's Pizza. Enjoy!