8 Questions

I get it!

You’re God.

You’re Goddess.

Your innate creator gets off having successfully created and raised a human being from infancy to adulthood.  No one starved. No one drowned. You found us after losing us at Wal-mart. We made it through high school, and now…

I’m not who you hoped I’d be.  And if I’m being honest, you’re not who I hoped you’d be.

Now what? Do our expectations even matter if they weren’t based on facts?

Can we start over? Can we put aside our pre-conceived notions of each other long enough to introduce ourselves as the women that we currently are? 

Is it possible for us to be friends? Maybe.  Maybe if we give ourselves the time to journey together and the space to be close, maybe we could be friendly – catching up over brunch once a month, smiling genuine smiles at each other, and hugging because we care for one another.  I’m open to this arrangement, and at the same time I know that it’s hard, maybe even impossible, to sustain a new relationship on the back of an old paradigm. 

But what if, me, the person that I am today – fun, loving, psychic, married to my dreamboat of a woman – is not the kind of person you would call “friend”?  What if our familial tie, our blood bond, is not enough to compel you to even like me?

What do we have? Maybe we have nothing and maybe that’s okay.

No hate. No fear. No judgement.


Nothing sounds like a pretty good place to start.

I’m ready whenever you are.

What about you, Lovely Reader?  Tell me about one relationship you would love to start over.  In this new version of the relationship, what are 2 intentions you would bring to the table to keep Love and Light at the forefront?

Infinite X's and O's,