Time to Open Your Presence

Ok, Readers, this has been a long time coming. Over ten years in the waiting — nope, not a typo… Ten years in the waiting because I’d be lying if I said ten years in the making as if I’ve been working on this Proyecto for the past decade instead of what I’ve really been doing which is ignoring, avoiding, denying, and rejecting this part of myself.

I am a healer and an intuitive.

I am a writer.

I am married to a stunning queen of a woman.

Why are those states of being a challenge for me to own? They are all gifts. Beautiful blessings. Incredibly Divine. Truly amazing gifts!

I have pined for musical gifts as in “if only I could sing like those girls at church” or “if only I could automatically play guitar like that without practicing”. I’ve pined for dance skills or at least swag on the dance floor (because every person of color can dance, right?)

Pining and denying. Pining and denying.

Or here’s a chronic one — “I wish I were thinner” — Oh the brainwashing! The turdy, poison-ridden solution of sludge that I have voluntarily and involuntarily marinated my earthly presence and presents in for way too long.

I am done with it all.

So what about you, dear Reader? What gifts do you pine for? And what gifts do you deny?

One last thing. I have a message from Spirit — to Delphina — to me — to you:

Wherever you go, bring who you are.

Infinite X’s and O’s,