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Got issues with family relationships, health, romantic or lackluster relationships, career path, money? Learn about your options for getting unstuck and choose your flavor of feel better below.  Oooh, be a good friend.  Gift a session to a friend or family member.

Soul Readings

How does this even work? Your soul puts post-it notes in a cosmic library called the The Akash (a Sanskrit word meaning "ether").  When you give me permission to access your energy a whole universe of guidance, peace, and relief opens up for you. I can see, feel, and hear it all, and share that intel with you!  

I can read your soul to find the root cause of a chronic struggle or fear and pinpoint that weird vibe you get from your boss. I can even access answers to your big-life- questions.  Past lives, permutations of the future -- your soul knows it all and I am here to listen and relay those deep desires and healing information to you.   

Never heard of the Akash or Soul Readings before? No worries. Uncertain of its existence? No judgement here! The most important things are to come with specific questions or topics you want to focus on and be open to getting un-stuck.

My reading was clear; I felt so calm and comfortable in your presence.  It gave me a sense of direction and yet was not overwhelming.  I felt reassured that I was being guided in the right direction and felt closer to my soul and my purpose.  Thank you for the inspiring and enlightening reading. - MM, Chicago, IL


Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key), commonly translated as Universal Life Energy, is a Japanese spiritual healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system.  

Reiki energy flows through my hands and into your body activating your natural ability to heal physical and emotional pains.   While I may lightly place my hands on your body, you can request zero contact.  Reiki sessions last 30 minutes.

Healing is possible whether we're in the same location or thousands of miles away from each other... THIS WORK IS AMAZING!

I came to Tenille for treatment for severe menstrual cramps. After the first treatment I immediately felt improvements in the severity and duration of the pain. Although that was exactly what was I seeking, what ultimately occurred was much more remarkable. In the four months since, my usually heavy flow has consistently remained lighter, and the duration of my period has shortened by 2 days. I now am able to use pain relief for only the first day in comparison to the typical first three days. ~ CC, Chicago, Illinois

Below are a few tips I like to share with clients to prepare for their 30 minute session:  

1.  Meditate or take a hot shower to ground yourself.

2. Wear breathable, loose comfy clothing and no shoes if possible.

3. Have a pen and paper nearby to jot down notes for any messages that might come through for you.

If you've scheduled a remote healing session see tips above + the following:

1. Have a quiet, private environment and a spot where you can recline or settle into a comfy position. 

2. Sometimes Spirit's presence makes a room cold -- other times Its presence creates warmth. Have a light blanket/throw nearby just in case it's a chilly session.

3. A strong phone or internet signal is needed.



Booking Details:

  • Sessions available by appointment Tuesdays - Sundays 10:30 a.m. - 6:15 p.m CST.
  • Sessions can be in-person, by phone, or via FaceTime (video call).
  • Sessions are one-on-one.
  • Reiki 30-minute session is $60.
  • Cash and all credit cards accepted. 

Important Legal Stuff

These services are not meant to replace medical, psychological, legal or financial services.  Please consult the appropriate professional. Clients must be 18 years of age or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  Readings are confidential.