Let's get some good karma goin'...

My reading with Tenille was as revelatory as it was comfortable.  Not only is Tenille a warm and delightful person, her intuition is expansive. Even when accessing some deep questions, I felt safe and protected in her space.  I knew I was free to ask what was really on my mind and get a truthful reaction.  I would be delighted to have another reading from Tenille.  I can only imagine what her healing energy could do if she gave me reiki.  What a loving and beautiful way to have a reading.
~ AJ, Chicago, IL
Tenille has been able to provide Akashic information on what challenges exist in my work relationships because of past life connections with co-workers. She has given me insight into previously puzzling antagonistic and lingering frustration over interpersonal dynamics that are much more than personality clashes. This has really helped me to choose new ways of interacting with my coworkers, and to resolve karmic loose ends with them. She has been able to detail several lifetimes I spent as a soldier or some kind of formal combatant, which helped to explain how I value productive, assertive and organized action, usually with a high level of integrity and personal responsibility. ~  CC, Chicago, IL


Calling all extroverts

So you've had a reading or Reiki with me, and you just can't keep it to yourself!  You tell a friend.  Somehow it comes up at work. Oh, and you happen to mention it to that guy on the train.  Your excitement is palpable.  Your friend, your co-worker, and random train man all schedule a session with me.  Guess what? You get an additional free 15 minutes per referral added to any session you schedule of 30 minutes or more! The steps are simple:

1) Go tell it on the mountain.

2) Message me below... "Tenille, I referred First Name + Last Name. After their session, please credit me 15 minutes for my next appointment on the following date. Thanks!" 

3) Remind your referral to name drop (your first and last name) when they have their session so I connect the dots correctly.

4) Apply your credit to your next session. 

5) Do a-bun-dance!

For my introverts

You really really want to accumulate Shima referral bucks too, but just thinking about sharing this part of your life with other people makes you sick.  You are not about to tell anyone that you're kinda' sorta' woo-woo!  Deep breaths, my Love, we have something for your sensitive soul too.

1) Write a detailed review below. We're looking for five sentences or more. (Note: Anything vague like, "Satisfactory reading!" or " I feel great!" is not going to cut it)

2) Ka-ching! Add 15 minutes to your next scheduled reading of 30 minutes or more.

3) In your bedroom, where no one can see you...do a-bun-dance!

Good questions you're thinking of...

Can I gift my 15 minute Shima Stash to someone else?

Awww... you're so generous! I love it.  While you can't re-gift my gift to you, you can purchase a session for anyone you want. Clicking Contact Me at the top of the page will take you to the Book a Session form.

Can I save up credits from multiple referrals/reviews?

Yes! You can write a review and you can refer a friend. Apply your Shima Stash from the review and referral to your next session. Remember: All sessions max out at 60 minutes.  If you need to schedule another session to make use of your remaining Shima Referral Bucks, feel free to roll them over to another session.

When does my Shima Stash expire?

As long as I am practicing, your Shima Stash will not expire.  I reserve the right to discontinue providing readings for anyone at any time regardless of credit in Shima Stash.  I reserve the right to discontinue the Shima Stash program at any time.  

Can I have $USD instead of a credit to my account?

No, Love.

I really wanted my review to be anonymous...

Feel free to leave an anonymous review, but I can only credit your account if I know who you are.

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